PICTURE CARDS 130 colorful, contemporary pictures of functional objects, people, places and special interests relevant to our technological society. These pictures are divided into 11 different categories for ease of selection, re-filing and implementation in convergent and divergent thinking tasks.

TEXT IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH The names of these objects, places and special interests are written in large, bold text in both English and Spanish on the reverse side of the picture cards to support bilingual Spanish/English speech language pathologists.

WOODEN LETTERS 52-one inch high, capital letters made of wood and stored in a drawstring bag for use in spelling/writing tasks.

SQUARE OF BLACK FELT A 10" x 10" square of black felt to use as a background for pictures or wooden letters. This will increase the visibility and handling of the stimulus items for the client.

DRY ERASE CARDS Five blank, dry erase cards for writing text over and over again. Use them to write reading stimulus targets for the client to match with the correct picture. These cards are large enough to clearly print words, phrases and sentences.

DRY ERASE PEN One dry erase pen for writing stimuli on dry erase cards.

UV COATING Cards are UV coated and printed on heavy stock to allow frequent handling. They may also be cleaned between usage with hand sanitizer.