The National Aphasia Association www.aphasia.org

A nonprofit organization that promotes public education, research, rehabilitation and support services to assist people with aphasia and their families.

The Aphasia Hope Foundation www.aphasiahope.org

The site seeks to educate and inform people about the facts of aphasia, the resources available, and the advances being made.

Aphasia Info www.aphasiainfo.blogspot.com

Aphasia info for the lay person.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke www.ninds.nih.gov

The mission of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is to reduce the burden of neurological disease - a burden borne by every age group, by every segment of society, by people all over the world.


National Resource Center for TBI www.neuro.pmr.vcu.edu

The site provides relevant, practical information for professionals, persons with brain injury, and family members. With input from consumers and nationally recognized experts, they have developed a wide variety of assessment tools, intervention programs, and training programs.

TBI Survival Guide www.tbiguide.com

The goal of this online book is to better prepare the head injured person and family for the long road ahead.

Brain Injury Resource Center www.headinjury.com/aboutus.htm

This site provides a wealth of information, creative solutions and leadership on issues related to brain injury since 1985.

Centre for Neuro Skills® www.neuroskills.com

The site promotes better health and quality of life after TBI by delivering specialized services to patients, producing excellent health outcomes, and working to maintain overall healthcare costs.

TBI Chatroom www.tbihome.org/index.html

TBI Home is a peer support website for people living with brain injury, their families and friends to support each other by sharing their experiences.

Kid Source Online www.kidsource.com/NICHCY/brain.html

General Information about traumatic brain injury in children.


The National Stuttering Association www.nsastutter.org

A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing hope and empowerment to children and adults who stutter, their families, and professionals through support, education, advocacy, and research.

The National Association of Young People Who Stutter www.friendswhostutter.org

FRIENDS is a national organization created to provide a network of love and support for children and teenagers who stutter, their families, and the professionals who work with them.

The Specialty Board on Fluency Disorders (SBFD) www.stutteringspecialist.org

The organization that recognizes stuttering specialists. Their website includes information on becoming a stuttering specialist and a list of specialists organized alphabetically or by state.

StutterTalk stuttertalk.com

A weekly podcast where the hosts talk openly about stuttering and interview people who stutter and leaders in the field.

The Stuttering Foundation of America www.stutteringhelp.org

Provides free online resources, services and support to those who stutter and their families, as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering.

The Stuttering Foundation of America in Spanish La Stuttering Foundation of America (SFA) www.tartamudez.org

Fundación Americana de la Tartamudez ofrece información, servicios y apoyo a las personas que tartamudean y sus familiares a la vez que ayuda a financiar investigaciones sobre las causas de la tartamudez. Publica un catálogo de recursos para el uso de los que tartamudean y los profesionales que los tratan y ofrece programas educativos para los profesionales. La SFA es la mayor y más antigua organización no lucrativa de su clase en el mundo. Está consagrada a la prevención del tartamudeo y al mejoramiento de los métodos para su tratamiento. Llegamos a más de un millón de personas al año y esperamos serle útil.

The Stuttering Home Page www.stutteringhomepage.com

An award-winning site that is dedicated to providing information about stuttering for both consumers and professionals who work with people who stutter.


National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities NICHCY www.kidsource.com/NICHCY/speech.html

Info About Speech & Language Disorders with links to numerous websites for children and youth with communication disorders.

Speaking of Speech www.speakingofspeech.com

An interactive forum for speech/language pathologists and teachers to improve communication skills in our schools.

NCFL & Family Literacy www.famlit.org/ncfl-family-literacy

The National Center for Family Literacy, and since 1989, helping more than 1 million families make educational and economic progress by pioneering – and continuously improving – family literacy programs.

Speech Language Therapy Resources www.speechlanguage-resources.com

High quality educational activities created by a school based speech-language pathologist who has made a mountain of mistakes, so you don't have to.


Autism Society of America  www.autism-society.org

The nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, exists to improve the lives of all affected by autism. Doing this by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.

The Carol Gray Center www.thegraycenter.org

This site provides information on social stories, comic strip conversations, and a host of other social resources.

The Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD-USF) www.card-usf.fmhi.usf.edu/index.asp

This is the link for the Center of Autism and Related Disorders at the University of Florida. This has a wonderful array of visual support types and is a great reference for parents as well as professionals.

Relationship Development www.rdiconnect.com/pages/home.aspx

The RDIconnect website is the entry point to a learning community committed to giving individuals a second chance at dynamic thinking.

The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices www.learningcommunity.us

This site focuses on people who have lost or may lose positive control because of society's response to the presence of a disability. This site helps foster a global learning community that shares knowledge for that purpose.

The Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support (OASIS) Center www.aspergersyndrome.org

This web site provides articles, educational resources, links to local, national and international support groups, sources of professional help, lists of camps and schools, conference information, recommended reading, and moderated support message boards.


Better Kid Care www.betterkidcare.psu.edu/index.html
The Behavior Home Page www.state.ky.us/agencies/behave/homepage.html
The Organized Special Education Teacher www.organizedteaching.com/the_organized_sp_ed_teacher/discipline.html

Challenging behavior is often found in students with disabilities. Sometimes the behavior is a part of the disability. Other times, it results from the frustrations the student is experiencing at school or at home.


ASHA Compendium of EBP Guidelines and Systematic Reviews www.asha.org/members/ebp/compendium
The Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences www.communicationdisorders.com

This site is a collection of Internet sites, compiled by Judith Kuster, that provide access to many valuable resources for professionals and students in communication disorders and sciences as well as for persons with communication disabilities and those who are part of their lives.  

Do2Learn www.dotolearn.com

For over ten years Do2Learn has, through funding from several sources including the National Institutes of Health, has used technology and the web to provide special learning resources for individuals with disabilities and the professionals and caregivers who serve them.

Pete’s Power Point Station www.pppst.com

Free presentations in PowerPoint format & Free interactive activities for kids.

Spelling Society www.englishspellingsociety.org/bulletins/b80/spring/multisensory.php

A multisensory approach to the teaching and learning of spelling.

Interactive Books for Parents and Teachers of Pre-School-Aged Children readwithme.cast.org

This program is designed to be a fun way to develop your children's early literacy skills as you read story books with them. In the books For Children, you will find coaches, Pedro, Hali, and Monty who give ideas of how to talk with children about the books. In the books For Teachers and Parents, there is also another coach named Terry, who talks about literacy development and suggests fun activities to do with children. 

Phonetics: The sounds of spoken language www.uiowa.edu/~acadtech/phonetics

This site contains animated libraries of the phonetic sounds in English, Spanish and German. Available for each consonant and vowel is an animated articulatory diagram, a step-by-step description and video/audio of the spoken sound in context.